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The story of Rosy

10-year-old Rosy (name changed) lives in a JJ colony of Delhi with her two younger siblings and daily wager parents. A few months ago, her mother was searching for a household where Rosy could work and stay during the day as she wasn’t safe in her neighborhood while her parents were out at work. Her younger brothers played marble and cards with other children on the streets the entire day.

Today, life has changed, and for the better. Rosy’s mother drops her and her brother to a Sunshine Daycare center every morning. The children enjoy daily exercise and physical activities before being served a hot and nutritious lunch. This is followed by a day of studies, arts, crafts, and playtime.


What We Do

A Prevention-Based Approach for A Safe, Healthy and Happy Childhood

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Sunshine Daycares

Daycare is a growing necessity for children and working mothers in urban setups. The need for childcare arrangements for children of daily wage earners and migrant workers is even greater.

PFO Sunshine provides alternative care, supplemental education, and nutrition, through daycare facilities to the children of women informal workers. These Daycares cater to children between the age group of three months to twelve years. Children are enrolled in Anganwadi and government schools as per their age. The daily routine includes workouts with music, games, regular activities, study, and rest. Each Daycare has a small library

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Economic Empowerment Of Women

Children of daily wage, domestic, and other informal workers are one of the most vulnerable groups in Indian cities. Often coming from migrant families that lack extended kinship networks within urban areas, these kids grow up with little supervision from parents, who are often themselves victims of exploitative labor conditions. 

The outcome of providing a safe and protected environment to children is the direct economic empowerment of their mothers. It gives an opportunity for mothers to work for longer and more flexible hours, without worrying about the safety and well-being of their children.

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Working with the State Government

There is an urgent and inevitable need for daycares which are linked with Anganwadis, public schools and relevant government schemes, and other public facilities.

At Pocketful of Sunshine, we are dedicated to getting involved with a Public-Private Partnership basis to ensure a safe childhood and opportunities to grow for every child.

We want to work with existing Government frameworks that work for enhancing children’s safety and delivering an action-based plan and articulate impact.

Our Mission

A safe and nurturing environment for the children of informal/daily wage workers living in Urban slums and other socio-economically neglected regions of the city. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable childhood filled with opportunities for growth and learning.

Alternative care for the children is an essential first step towards the economic empowerment of their mothers. 


Children: To provide alternative care during the day to the children of informal women workers and to work with children in different unprotected situations.
Adolescents: To develop resource and guidance centers for adolescents from economically weaker sections of society to support their academic and family goals.
Women: Economic empowerment of women by enhancing opportunities to work without being held back by child care and accompanying concerns about the safety and wellbeing of their children.  

Donation Proceeds

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2K / month
  • To Support 1 Child
  • Duration One Month

24K / month
  • To Support 1 Child
  • Duration One Year

720K / month
  • To Sponsor a Daycare (30 Children)
  • Duration One year

About Us

In light of a significant increase in cases of child abuse as well as crime rate among youngsters in recent years, we at Pocketful Of Sunshine believe that a prevention-based approach is the only way children can enjoy childhood and grow up into conscientious people