Who We Are

PFO Sunshine was established in September 2019 in response to an alarming rise in child abuse cases, ranging from physical, sexual and emotional abuse to human trafficking and substance abuse in children.

The primary concern of every working mother is to leave her child in safe hands at a safe place while she goes out to work. However migrant workers within the domestic, construction, industrial sectors, and daily wagers often have to leave their children unprotected in high-density residential quarters or on the streets due to lack of a support system in place. 

Understanding the need to fill this crucial gap in caretaking, the ‘Sunshine’ group works for the prevention of child abuse and to ensure a safe and happy childhood for the children of daily wagers, by providing clean and accessible Daycare facilities. 

The focus of PFO Sunshine is on the prevention of child abuse so that the need for rehabilitation after abuse/harm has taken place is reduced.

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2K / month
  • To Support 1 Child
  • Duration One Month

24K / month
  • To Support 1 Child
  • Duration One Year

720K / month
  • To Sponsor a Daycare (30 Children)
  • Duration One year

About Us

In light of a significant increase in cases of child abuse as well as crime rate among youngsters in recent years, we at Pocketful Of Sunshine believe that a prevention-based approach is the only way children can enjoy childhood and grow up to conscientious people